Trout Lake Golf Mens League

Please check back soon for 2023 Leagues.


Welcome to the 2022 Golf Season! We are starting to see a lot of snow melt and have even seen some grass out there on the golf course!

This email is going out to you, last year’s members of the Trout Lake Men’s league. If you know anyone that wants to join us, be sure to either forward this email to them, or call me with a name and number and I’ll get a hold of them to forward this email. For every new member you bring to our league, I will give you a free round of golf to use at your discretion, whether it be for a friend or family member. (Carts are available but at an extra charge) Be sure new members mention your name!

John McCrea and I feel that last year’s format worked well and have decided to continue with the same format for 2021. To begin, we will have our annual 4 person scramble to get things started on May 19th. This event will have a 12:00 shotgun start, with dinner and a meeting to follow. Please register by May 16th if you plan to play both in the league and the May 19th event.

From there, every other week we will have a stableford competition and every other week, we will play a “game”. This will give us 7 competitive stableford events and 6 game events. The stableford events will be cumulative throughout the season for league prizes and we will have a stableford league championship on the last day for our league champion. If you are unable to make a stableford event, please make sure you have your round made up BEFORE the date of the event. By having games every other week, this will give you plenty of time to turn a score in. Remember, you must play with a league member to attest your score

Rules and dates are listed on the second page of this email for our events.

Your 2020 Stableford Points will be used to determine your stableford points for the first event on May 26. From there, your points will be adjusted for the next event by the amount of points you score each stableford event (see below for adjustments). This way, it won’t matter what tees you play from, however, you must declare which tees your playing from at the beginning of league and remain on those tees all season. Although handicaps will not be used each week, we still want you to finish your holes so that we may enter scores for your 2021 handicap adjustments.

You will be able to go to and click on “Leagues” at the top of the page. From there, you will be able to sign up for the league dates you want to play on line, instead of calling into the golf shop or signing up on the board.

We hope you join us again for this season and John and I think this is going to be a fun and easy to follow league. I hope to see you all out here playing in April!

Good Golfing,
Mike Osborne & John McCrea

  • The league championship will be an individual stableford competition by flights. We will also have 1st, 2nd, 3rd place stableford winners from the events held over the summer
  • All the “games” may include the stableford system for results, with the exception of scrambles.
  • In creating our “games” we will use the stableford system for pairings from past events
  • You must determine which tees you will be playing and remain on those tees unless otherwise noted
  • You will need to finish your holes to create a full 18-hole score because we will still enter all scores for a USGA handicap
  • The first and last event of the season will include a dinner
  • League dues will be $40 per player which includes your handicap, both dinners and prizes for the league championship
  • Entry fee each week will be $3
  • After our May 19th scramble, we will review some of the new rules of golf that will affect our league.


The first stableford event — points will be determined by your ending 2020 Stableford points.

After the 1st event, points will be adjusted by your results. If you improve your goal points by 0 to 2, no adjustment. 3 to 4 points – your goal points go up 1. 5 to 6 points – your goal points go up 2. 7 to 8 points – your goal points go up 3 and 9 or more points – your goal points go up 4.

Same point values go the opposite way as well. For example: If you come in with 0 to 2 points less, no adjustment. 3 to 4 points less, your goal points will be adjusted by negative one and so forth as described above.